Everyday is a Heyday

What happens when two entrepreneurs spot an opportunity to change the face of spa-based facial treatments? The delightfully disruptive Heyday brand is born with a clear purpose: to make a healthy skincare routine easy, accessible, and affordable. Heyday believes that understanding skin and looking after it should be easy. It’s as simple as that. Equally simple is the intentional way they’ve set about building their business, establishing formative mandates for their brand, client experience, and employee culture right out of the gate.

To achieve this, they started with a clear vision for a digital workplace, where operations, brand, and culture are enabled and optimized by technology. One of the key ways they’re achieving this is through the Jostle® intranet. A central hub for formal and informal communications, the Jostle platform helps Heyday example brand values, share knowledge, manage resourcing, distill technology into workflow, and reflect their very intentional workplace culture. With two New York city locations flourishing, and more to follow, Heyday is turning heads with their very different way of helping everyone be their best possible self, everyday.

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    60 people in two retail locations
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    Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder
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    86% weekly 97% monthly

Disrupting the spa industry

Heyday was created to make healthy skincare routines simple, affordable, and convenient. With an aim to disrupt the traditional spa industry, Heyday is completely focused on doing only one thing incredibly well: skincare. Their team of 60 professional estheticians and expert front desk hosts in two New York City locations ensure that every guest receives an outstanding Heyday experience, thanks to this singular focus. From facial services to a curated range of skincare products, Heyday has created a beautiful environment of personal care and attention that’s kind to the skin, schedule, and pocketbook.

Heyday was started by two entrepreneurs who wanted to re-imagine how skincare and facial treatments are traditionally categorized. They identified an opportunity to democratize and make basic skincare affordable, accessible, and part of a regular routine. Heyday was born with a vision to pull skincare out of the pampering category in the spa industry and place it squarely in the realm of people wellness and self care. Deliberately and delightfully unconventional, the founders set out to build the Heyday brand, client experience, and workplace culture from scratch and with clear purpose.

In the beginning, they very quickly designed a client experience that could be the foundation for a progressive business. Then they imagined the brand and culture that would make that possible. Heyday knew they’d need both a digital mindset and toolkit to achieve their vision. So they deployed the Jostle intranet to scale their culture, continuous learning, and employee-led brand. Heyday quickly piloted their brand, culture, and client experience elements in their first store in NoMad in Manhattan and replicated them in a recently-opened second store in Tribeca, using the Jostle platform. Heyday is early in their growth but they’re ecstatic about the tremendous start they’ve had.

We recently interviewed Michael Pollak, Brand Officer and Co-Founder, who told us: “We’re over the moon with the response to the services we offer and the products we sell. There are two sides that are super rewarding. Obviously, the external piece is one. People enjoying our services, engaging with them regularly, and having this “wow, finally I have some expertise that I can lean on to manage my skin” feeling. Secondly, to also create a workplace for the many estheticians out there, that I think are always in the shadows of spas. To really build a home for their craft. Those two sides represent who we are as a business.”

A Heyday for everyone

The term ‘heyday’ means a day when you feel great vigor. The founders of Heyday believe everyday should be a heyday. And they bring this philosophy to bear for clients and employees alike.

For clients this means an outstanding experience in a comfortable, honest environment that helps them feel and look their best today and into the future. It also means providing a place where customers can focus on regular, affordable skincare wellness and maintenance, rather than a once-in-a-while indulgence.

For employees, it means a place where their craft can be honed and celebrated, and not play second fiddle to other services, as it is in spa settings. It also means that any Heyday location is a place where employees want to be, because they are valued and recognized for their skills, expertise, and contributions.

Heyday retail location

Heyday retail location

Putting their best face forward

Achieving the Heyday vision requires careful planning and deliberate execution. Michael told us about the company’s founding intentions for their brand-driven culture: “We knew from the beginning we wanted to create a culture where people could bring their passion, bring their best. Build a company that’s built on fairness, built on integrity, built on letting our people do what they do best, and listening to their concerns. Having an open door and truly meaning it, and it being transparent, and talking about our growth and our challenges equally.”

These intentions are summarized in Heyday’s core values which are simplicity, communication, integrity, vitality, and unlocking potential. This value set helps everyone at Heyday stay focused and passionate about the work they love and the clients they care for.

“Our values are beliefs and ways of being that we hold true to our ourselves, our team and teammates, our clients, and our business.”

Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder Michael Pollak
Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder

Communication is the one value that underpins all others at Heyday. Employees are always communicating with clients - about treatments, products, appointments, and follow-ups - to ensure that every person receives individual care and remains well informed. It's one of the most important ways they demonstrate Heyday’s brand and values externally. And then they live and breathe their brand and values internally too. There’s constant communication to ensure things run smoothly and everyone is current on best practices, operations, people, and news.

Keeping connected

Operating a seven-days-a-week business with 14 hour shifts on weekdays and 11 hour shifts on weekends demands and generates a lot of communication. Not to mention the resourcing challenges that these operating hours present, with staff scheduling, shift changes, and the need to maintain a balance of employees.

The founders of Heyday knew from the start that they would need a digital communications tool to not only support the hustle and bustle of their growing operations and their evolving culture, but to ensure that every employee was able to remain connected and aligned. Michael told us: “We cover a lot of hours, we cover a lot of shifts, we have a lot of people, we're never in the same place at the same time. Our first holiday party was the closest we've been to that. It's a tough reality for a business like ours. We needed a way to be able to communicate and share information.”

Quickly ruling out email as a suitable means to convey content and culture, Michael and his team wanted to find a tool that could emulate the liveliness of their employee break rooms, which are always full of friends, food, and laughter. This is where their culture happens, and they were eager to replicate that with an online communications platform - a way for everyone to stay connected, all the time, despite the demands of shift schedules and location divisions.

“Get your team communication in order. That's one of the biggest pieces of advice I give to fellow entrepreneurs. The Jostle intranet enables communication for us.”

Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder Michael Pollak
Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder

Starting with a digital culture

Embracing technology

The founders of Heyday have embraced technology from the start. At first, they would try something new on paper and then quickly move to digitize or systematize it once they knew it could work. Michael told us: “I'm a big believer in the level of technology, and the type of technology, whatever introduced, has to be easily integrated with people's workflow. Otherwise it does become much more of a barrier to people doing their job, rather than helping them do it quicker, faster, better, more efficient. That's where technology should be in the workplace.”

Distilling technology into workflow

Today there’s very little paper in Heyday’s day-to-day world, and although whiteboards and pinboards are present, they use a digital solution wherever possible. Key to the success of this approach is making sure that technology is perfectly distilled and integrated into their workflow. This starts with onboarding new team members. “Our digital tools deserve to be front and center as part of training and induction into the company. It sets the tone that they're important from the beginning and not just a bell and a whistle. When you include digital education up front, it goes a long way to getting people into our way of working much more quickly,” said Michael.

Keeping a personal touch

This digital mindset is not at the expense of a personal connection with their team members. “I think one of the things that'll always stay true, and even be a little old fashioned, is for every team member that comes in, we have an orientation day that I’ll always participate in that sets the tone for the brand, and what we stand for and our values, and what we believe. Very quickly after that, whether you're training for a front desk position, or training for a therapist position, you’re exposed to the many tools in our digital toolkit that helps everyone get their work done and stay connected,” shared Michael.

Building brand and culture with technology

The desire to maximize technology and personal connection was a driving force for the Heyday way from the start. They wanted a digital internal communications tool to build and replicate their brand, client experience, and culture. They struggled at first to find a simple tool that could satisfy their requirements. So many solutions were far too rich with cluttered widgets offering project management, file sharing, and other unnecessary functions for their basic needs. The Jostle platform was different. It was vibrant, clear, and easy to use - even for less tech-savvy team members. Heyday chose the Jostle platform to be the core of their very intentional brand, client experience, and culture framework.

“I love how simple your platform is. Obviously there's tons of complexity underneath it, but you boil down just the menu bar to be very clear about what it is. It was basically everything we needed. The Jostle intranet is now our hub for informal and formal communication.”

Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder Michael Pollak
Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder

Uniting human and digital needs

The biggest reservation that Heyday had with introducing their new intranet was adoption and use of the platform. Getting everyone up to speed was therefore at the top of their priority list. According to Heyday’s signature style, Michael took a very personal approach to making this happen. In addition to seeding the platform with initial content, he connected with each employee individually to ensure that they were able to log in, and gave them a personal tour. And he continues this personal touch with every new employee.

Heyday has found this approach to be invaluable in helping employees understand the value of their intranet, as well as the company’s commitment to helping everyone gain as much as they can from it. “I think it’s important to spend those three to five minutes with everybody. Here's how to use it. Here are some expectations around what we're going to be doing here. It sets the scene. I feel like I've been in so many companies where they're just like, hey, here's a new thing we're launching. Read the email. Then people log in, it doesn't have any content in it. They're not going to read the email fully. For us, I think socialization in the beginning was really key to getting it going,” shared Michael.

To start, Heyday knew that required and pertinent information had to be readily available on their new intranet - content their staff would consider critical to the job and of personal interest. This combined with the content auto-generated by the Jostle intranet such as birthdays and anniversaries helped make the experience a social one too, which Heyday feels is important to keep people engaged and coming back.

The Heyday intranet in action

Staying true to their desire to be a digital organization, Heyday has embraced their new intranet to its fullest extent. From its use as a culture amplifier to a more organized way to collate and share information, Heyday uses the Jostle intranet at every level and location in their growing business. Here are a few key ways they’re leveraging this technology to build their business and disrupt an entire industry while they’re at it.

Heyday NEWS

Heyday NEWS

Knowledge transfer and education

In the Heyday environment, there’s a great deal of continuing education around skincare practices, products, and treatments. There’s also a tremendous volume of new trends, topics, and questions from the industry, suppliers, and customers that everyone needs to keep abreast of. The Jostle intranet provides the Heyday team with a central place to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and different.

One of Heyday’s lead estheticians writes a weekly NEWS Article called “Wednesday Wisdoms.” It highlights a specific topic and might provide a refresher, report on something new, or explain a technical procedure or application. These articles serve as helpful reminders or bite-size education opportunities, written in a friendly tone that everyone wants to read. Michael told us: “What's great is to see the very high view numbers on these articles. It's not required reading, it's not a payroll email or something like that. It's engaging content that helps us keep education going.”

Heyday NEWS

Heyday’s Wednesday Wisdom article

“I think so much of what has made our business successful is that we have folks who are passionate about their craft. There's so much information and knowledge exchange that happens in our break room and the lounge. You hear people talking about something, an issue they faced with a client, or something they're seeing a lot. The Jostle intranet and these Wednesday Wisdoms have allowed us to formalize that a little bit, and make sure that information gets shared with people who may not be in break room at the moment of a spontaneous conversation,” continued Michael.

Organizing and targeting meaningful content

In the early stages of their intranet, Michael was primarily responsible for seeding and adding content to the platform. Over time, other individuals have started to take ownership of content contribution, organization, and distribution. In particular, they’ve started paying a lot more attention to their LIBRARY view.

“We've also just started to populate the LIBRARY a lot more. Especially around our product knowledge section. We get tons of information from different vendors or products that we carry. This gives us a really good solid place to house and store a lot of that stuff, and people can browse that right from their phone. We don't have to hook up Dropbox or Google Drive or Server or anything. It's all in one place, all in one platform. That's been super helpful for us too,” shared Michael.



In addition to consolidating a diverse range of content, the Jostle intranet enables targeting of content to specific groups or individuals. Whether a NEWS Article or LIBRARY item, the author or Librarian can ensure that all content reaches only the most relevant recipients - reducing noise and clutter, and deflecting unnecessary communication from email inboxes. Michael told us: “The ability to target is hugely helpful, because our front desk manager can send something to his front desk hosts in the Tribeca location that's very pertinent to a facility issue or something like that. It doesn't have to be shared with everybody.”

Shift change coordination

Heyday has devised an innovative use case for the CLASSIFIEDS section on their Jostle intranet. In the service industry, shift swaps are commonplace. Prior to their intranet, Heyday used a physical bulletin board to post shift change requests. Staff would manually write up the shift they were hoping to switch, and others would come over and sign up for extra or different shifts by initialling next to the request.

As Heyday grew, this started to become incredibly messy and complicated. In true Heyday fashion, Michael and his team set out to find a way to digitize this system. A light bulb went off for Michael when he realized that putting up a shift switch request is no different than selling an item, and set out to transition the shift swaps onto CLASSIFIEDS - designed to be a “buy and sell” space but equally useful for trading of shifts.



Michael explained how it works in practice: “Our team uses CLASSIFIEDS really actively to post for shifts they want coverage for. A lot of our part-timers who aren't here as much, but are available to pick up shifts, will go there and see what’s available. Now it's our protocol to indicate your interest in covering a shift in the comments section of the posted shift. If that person comments after you and agrees, then an email goes to the location manager with everybody copied to formalize the arrangement. It's taken a lot of weight off of tons of emails going back and forth about who's going to cover what.”

Accessibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile

With their mix of staff and schedules, Heyday needed a communications solution that would be easily accessible from desktop, tablet, and mobile. Employees use their phones to connect to the Jostle intranet via the mobile app. When in the shop or breakroom, the team has access to tablets that are used not only to access the intranet, but also in the real-time follow up with their clients.

Heyday has a mix of tech savviness on their team. There was a bit of uncertainty about the transition to a cloud-based digital format away from more traditional methods of communicating using paper printouts and emails. Michael and his partners were amazed at the uptake: “I think it goes back to making sure the technology is perfectly distilled and integrated into the workflow. If you can use that tablet while you're at work, you can log onto the Jostle platform to get your information or you can use your mobile phone. That's all we ask in terms of technical needs and know how.”

Scaling the Heyday way

Heyday has recently added a second location. This presents a new set of challenges around how to scale their very intentional culture and brand. Consistency of voice and experience with the Heyday brand is critical to ensure that Michael and his team can realize the vision for their business. They’re achieving this in a few ways.

Using experience to spread culture

Heyday has transferred key management team members from their initial location to seed and grow the culture in the new shop. These team members have been with Heyday from day one, so they’re very familiar with the brand and its values, character, and tone. From operations to hiring, these seasoned employees help ensure that the brand is upheld and put into practice in every part of every location by every team member.

“We've been blessed that we started with an amazing crew who really set the tone for the culture and now it's a little bit self selecting. We get resumes and inquiries from people who are, we can now say, very Heyday. Which is wonderful. Those, I think, actually aren't the bottlenecks as much, or the challenges as much as making sure who comes in the door, and ensuring we're all moving in lock-step with each other,” shared Michael.

Everyone marching to the same drum

One of the challenges with keeping their brand alive and consistent, is ensuring that everybody, regardless of their position, is informed and aligned. This is especially difficult with Heyday’s shift-based work environment, and the distribution of team members across two locations, and more to come in rapid succession.

Michael told us: “It's really about communicating objectives and empowering each location to manage those objectives. I think speaking as one voice for a company that's service based. It's ultimately delivering a service to clients who expect and want and should get consistency, that’s probably the hardest thing to achieve. Part of that is being, aligned on communication and managing expectations.”

“Real estate and hiring challenges are reasonably easy to overcome. More challenging is making sure that everyone at Heyday is marching to the beat of the same drum. The Jostle intranet helps us achieve that.”

Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder Michael Pollak
Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder

Emphasizing digital education

Heyday has experienced tremendous growth over a short period of time, almost doubling their staff through hiring for the new shop, and adding more people to their first location as business has increased. As a digital workplace, they’re adjusting their training approach as they’re growing to ensure that every new employee continues to receive the right digital education up front. “We have a digital toolkit of things that we use to go about our daily existence at Heyday. The Jostle intranet is one. Our booking software platform is another. We make learning and using these tools a priority from the beginning for any new employee. I think as we scale, that’ll absolutely continue,” shared Michael.

Always in their prime

From the earliest kernel of the idea for their business and brand, the founders of Heyday wanted to create something with life and energy in it, that would change the face of skincare routines. On the surface, they offer an exceptional wellness experience with short and long-term skincare and health benefits to their clients. At a deeper level, they want everyone to be their best - and in their prime - inside and outside their business. Everyday truly is a Heyday with this vibrant and inspiring company.

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