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One Workplace goes from SharePoint to ‘on point’ with Jostle!

One Workplace (a company that improves the efficiency of organizational workspaces) needed a better way to communicate across their four locations. Their clunky SharePoint intranet was a one-dimensional tool that was failing to connect the 500-person company.

Since rolling out the Jostle® platform, all of this has changed. They’re a communicative, collaborative, and culturally rich company. This impressive early success with the platform saw them clinch first prize in the 2016 Jostle Awards category for Rookie of the Year (Enterprise).

“Our workplace intranet culture was dying in SharePoint. We needed a solution and fast!”

Julie Jarvis
Executive Vice President

The challenge

One Workplace was struggling to meet their workplace communication needs with their SharePoint intranet. They identified five main problems that they wanted to overcome with a new tool. They needed:

  • Better corporate communication
  • Stronger connections and relationships between employees
  • An effective organization chart
  • An easy way to search for information
  • A tool that worked well for remote workers
NEWS on One Workplace’s Jostle intranet

NEWS on One Workplace’s Jostle intranet

The solution

One Workplace did their due diligence and shopped around for the tool that would best resolve their needs. They found the Jostle platform and launched in August 2016.

“After a short battle, the Jostle platform beat Jive and came out on top. It intuitively and simply solved our five main problems.”

Darcy Craig
eBusiness Analyst

How One Workplace is using the Jostle platform

A deliberate identity. One Workplace took a very deliberate approach to creating an identity/brand for their intranet, and used this to involve their people and generate visibility. “We realized that adoption of a new corporate intranet depended on a successful launch,” said Darcy. “IT and marketing created a list of possible names for the intranet and a poll was sent to all our users.”

After they chose the intranet’s name (OneNet), marketing designed a logo for the intranet, and the promotion began.

“Multiple teasers were sent out while we populated our intranet and content was added. We created various banners for the NEWS page and identified/trained key players in each department to help with communication.”

The brand that One Workplace created for their intranet was woven through their launch and touched all parts of the campaign. It was a well-planned and well-executed start to their journey of improving communication and connectivity.

Dynamically communicate. Everyone at One Workplace is now in touch and informed. “Corporate communications that SharePoint displayed awkwardly are elegantly displayed in NEWS,” shared Le Lu, One Workplace’s Chief Information Officer. “The different departments now publish regular newsletters and updates on NEWS. Users love to ‘like’ and comment on these types of features.”

Employee spotlights in One Workplace’s Jostle platform

Employee spotlights in One Workplace’s Jostle platform

One Workplace has a rich portfolio of NEWS features and articles that express their culture and keep people informed. These range from business updates, such as New Business Wins and New Employee Welcome, to social contests such as Guess the Baby Photo. They’ve also got some lovely employee recognition features, such as Caught Doing Something Good; an article that spotlights an employee and recognizes them for their good work.

Clarify organization. “Many business problems were solved with the Jostle intranet,” Le said. “We finally had a corporate organization chart and team list! Our old manually-managed employee gallery and clunky Active Directory lookup for employees has been solved in PEOPLE.” (The PEOPLE wall in the Jostle platform is a photo wall of all employees that’s connected to their bios and contact details.)

One Workplace’s PEOPLE Wall

One Workplace’s PEOPLE Wall

Deepen company culture. “Personally, my biggest concern was how I could use the intranet to change our culture and bring people together. Because of the Jostle platform, our departments are no longer islands but are connected. We now have insight into what’s happening outside our own departments!” said Darcy Craig, eBusiness Analyst at One Workplace.

Staff at One Workplace are making good use of the Shout-Outs feature, recognizing one another for contributions big and small. The community within the workplace has become much closer, with birthday and workplace anniversaries receiving dozens of comments and likes.

A culture of recognition at One Workplace

A culture of recognition at One Workplace

Find information quickly and easily. One Workplace is making good use of the rich search tool to quickly find the information they want. “A major home-run is how the Jostle platform makes it so easy to search and filter for the content you’re looking for. This was something that we couldn’t do with SharePoint… and a major complaint my users had,” shared Darcy.

Documents are always up-to-date. “Because each department manages content differently, we value the flexibility of the Jostle platform to assign Librarians to manage documents and links in the LIBRARY,” said Darcy. Once One Workplace built the Categories and Volumes for each department, they trained the subject matter experts to keep their own content up-to-date. “This has been a tremendous success as users know these items are current and the content owners don't have to rely on a web team to complete the updates,” Darcy shared.

The results

One Workplace has found great success with the Jostle platform. It’s buzzing with activity; there are over 35 different people from across the company contributing articles to the NEWS section alone. Not only has the Jostle platform streamlined and improved the communication at One Workplace, it’s enriched their culture and brought people together in a workplace community.

“The Jostle platform’s simplicity enables natural communication allowing us to inspire people and transform organizations.”

Le Lu
Chief Information Officer

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