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Jostle's Employee Communications Portal

Jostle solves 3 internal communications challenges:


Getting people to read & participate.


Sharing culture across organizational boundaries.


Keeping content fresh and targeted.

How to make internal communications to your staff easy:

Share news with your organization

Vibrant news

Easy to publish and beautifully presented. The go-to place for employees to keep up with what matters - at their desk or on their iPhone or Android device. Share news as it happens. No more out-of-date newsletters sitting unopened in email.

Content targeting

Our patented TEAMS® technology makes it easy to target the right people – based on location, division, business unit, job function, etc. You decide.

Find people in your organization
Social intranet shoutouts

Employee recognition

Jostle makes it easy for leaders and peers to share successes, recognize accomplishments and share ideas.

Simple events planning

Promote events that are org wide, or tied to specific teams or locations. Never again will your sales meeting be the same day as the new building opening.

“We can tell people when a new menu item is coming, when they need to prepare, and when they need to update their cash registers.”

Amanda Stone, Director of Training & Communications Amanda Stone, Director of Training & Communications Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.
Intranet Calendar
Jostle is more engaging than competitors

5X employee participation

Jostle intranets typically enjoy 85% employee participation rates. That’s 5X industry norms. Engage all the generations in your workplace.

Launch fast without tying up IT resources

Add your people
Add your content
Launch party!
Engage your people

"Jostle has effectively engaged our incredibly dispersed workforce, and created a more connected organization."

Amanda Connolly, Plexxus Amanda Connolly
Communications Manager

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