Jostle’s in-country FOIPPA option

Your Jostle® intranet is designed from the ground up to help you keep your corporate information private within your company and to allow individuals to reasonably control their own personal private information. However, a number of jurisdictions require even more stringent measures than this, particularly publicly-funded organizations like cities and government agencies.

The Jostle platform’s FOIPPA option is designed to keep personal private employee information inside their country. This is currently designed to meet the strict requirements of Canadian provinces like British Columbia and Nova Scotia, but it can be made available for other jurisdictions that require data to be kept “in country”.

No information outside of country

One of the key requirements for a number of jurisdictions is that no personal private information is stored outside of their country. With the FOIPPA option, Jostle stores all content in User Profiles and Discussions in the designated country.

No user access outside of country

Normally where there is a requirement to store personal private information within a specific country, there is also a requirement that users not access information from outside that country. Jostle’s Canadian FOIPPA option only allows user access from known Canadian IP addresses. This includes access from mobile phones.

Good governance

Although Jostle’s FOIPPA option provides the tools, good governance is still required to ensure compliance. Note that material posted by NEWS Reporters and Librarians may be stored outside of the designated country so that we can provide the best viewing technologies for this content. The best practice is to train your Reporters and Librarians to never place personal private content in NEWS or LIBRARY.