A single feed of short updates. Activity is the pulse of your organization. It’s made up of short posts, shout-outs, job anniversaries, and more that are visible to everyone in your organization. Post updates from your computer or phone.


Use these 175-character posts to update everyone on everything from project news to office updates. You can attach images or GIFs, and others can like or reply.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Use shout-outs in Activity to quickly recognize people and teams. These can be tied to your own organizational values.

Peer-to-peer bonuses

If you choose to enable our Bonusly integration, individuals can add micro-bonuses to their shout-outs.

Work anniversaries and birthdays

These are automatically generated and announced in Activity. They’re optional and can be turned off.


You can integrate your company’s Twitter account, so any public Tweets are republished in Activity. Employees can re-Tweet via their personal Twitter account.


If you wish, you can restrict who can post to Activity.

Export Activity

Administrators can export the full content of Activity over a set period of time to a spreadsheet. Use this to track shout-outs and participation.

Instagram and Facebook

Using applications like IFTTT, you can also pull in Facebook and Instagram posts into our Twitter integration.

List Selector

Our powerful List Selector allows you to quickly dial up specific combinations of people to create an exact target audience.

Targeting selector

You can then reach that exact audience, in News, Events, Discussions, or Library. And it’s dynamic—when a new person is hired, they’ll automatically see everything they need.


Jostle notifications alert users to things they need to see without creating unnecessary noise:

  • Red dots, in platform, guide users to new content.
  • Email, browser, and mobile notifications that can be user optimized.
  • Mandatory notifications for must-read content.