Full-featured instant messaging. Strictly private within your organization, Discussions provides confidential one-to-one conversations, gets team communications out of email, and facilitates meaningful company-wide discussions.

Powerful selection of participants

Our List Selector makes it easy to invite exactly the right people to a discussion. That could be a single person, a team, everyone at a specific location, or all employees.

Private or discoverable

Discussions can be strictly private to the people invited, or they can be open so that anyone in the organization can find and join them.

Dynamic audiences

If you have a discussion with your Sales team in Europe, the audience is dynamic. When a new person joins this team, they’re automatically added and see the history.

Organize by topic

Each user can organize their discussions into categories that meet their needs.

Attach files

Share files, photos, videos, and GIFs within a discussion.

@mention notifications

Alert a particular person or team in a discussion with @mentions. Or ping everyone the discussion is visible to via @all.

File and links lists

Every file or link that you share in a discussion is saved in an easy-to-navigate list.

Direct Messages

These are private one-to-one chats that keep your ongoing general conversations with a peer in one place.

Company-wide conversations

You can use company-wide discussions to get everyone’s opinion. People can’t leave a company-wide discussion, ensuring that everyone gets notified.

Ongoing conversations

Discussions and Direct Messages are ongoing. Even if you close them, you’ll always be able to come back to them for context and their historical record.

Optimized notifications

Each user can tailor their notification settings for their browser, phone, and email. And when new content is added, a red dot will guide the user to it.

Search Discussions

Search all of your discussions for key words if you quickly need to find a previous conversation.

Mute Discussion

Mute noisy Discussions if you don’t need to see new comments. There’ll still be a grey dot next to the Discussion to let you know something has been added.


Each discussion has one or more moderators, who can add/remove people, and who can delete individual comments or the entire discussion.

Governance options

Limit who can start a discussion. Or choose an ombudsperson to monitor them; that person will be automatically added to every discussion.

Export Discussion

Anyone in a discussion can download a zip file that includes a PDF of all posts of a discussion and all of its attached files.

Copy link

Users can copy a link to any comment in a discussion to quickly point people to it. This link will only open for people that have permission to see that discussion.


System Administrators have access to a full set of anonymized metrics around the use of Discussions and can download this as a spreadsheet.

List Selector

Our powerful List Selector allows you to quickly dial up specific combinations of people to create an exact target audience.

Targeting selector

You can then reach that exact audience, in News, Events, Discussions, or Library. And it’s dynamic—when a new person is hired, they’ll automatically see everything they need.


Jostle notifications alert users to things they need to see without creating unnecessary noise:

  • Red dots, in platform, guide users to new content.
  • Email, browser, and mobile notifications that can be user optimized.
  • Mandatory notifications for must-read content.