Find key documents, policies, and videos. Library makes it easy for subject matter owners to maintain their content without needing help from an IT expert. Library content can be found via Jostle’s platform-wide search. Files and videos can be viewed in situ.

Content ownership

Each Library volume is controlled by an identified person or team of people (the “Librarians”). This ensures clear content ownership.

Simple access control

Library volumes can be open to all employees or locked down to a specific group. Even the system administrator can’t see into restricted volumes.

Prevent downloading

Volumes can be set to prevent the downloading of files they contain.

Linked content

Library can host links that take users to external content, such as your old SharePoint site or an electronic form. Add descriptions to help these be found via search.

Recommended reading

Content owners can guide users to must-read information by adding a red “Recommended” banner to the file.

My Favorites

Users can make a shortlist of the files, forms, and other content that you want to access quickly.

In-app viewer

You can view files, videos, and images in-app, without needing to download them first.

Sync to Google Drive

If your company uses Google Apps, Library is hosted in your company’s Google Drive. Access permissions set on the Jostle side are enforced on the Google side.

Collaborate on Google Docs

If your Library is Google integrated, Librarians can edit Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides in Google. The current document is always in Jostle LIBRARY.


Everything in Library can be discovered via search, including all the content inside files.

Must-see notifications

Librarians can push email notifications out to alert everyone with access to that volume of changes or required actions.

Export volume

Librarians can export the full content of their volume into a zip file at any time.

Filtering and sorting

Users can filter or sort Library items by name, file size, last modified date, number of views, “Recommended”, and number of downloads.

Copy link

Users can copy a link to any specific item or folder in Library to quickly point people to it. This link will only open for people that have permission to see that content.


Librarians have access to a full set of metrics around all their content and can download this as a spreadsheet.

List Selector

Our powerful List Selector allows you to quickly dial up specific combinations of people to create an exact target audience.

Targeting selector

You can then reach that exact audience, in News, Events, Discussions, or Library. And it’s dynamic—when a new person is hired, they’ll automatically see everything they need.


Jostle notifications alert users to things they need to see without creating unnecessary noise:

  • Red dots, in platform, guide users to new content.
  • Email, browser, and mobile notifications that can be user optimized.
  • Mandatory notifications for must-read content.