The go-to place for what’s happening in your organization. It’s easy to create articles, polls, photo albums, job postings, and more. There’s no coding or HTML required. News items can be targeted at specific audiences, such as a location or division.

Custom article types

You can define up to ten custom News item types, such as “CEO blog” or “New employee”. Each gets its own label that users use to filter.


Use image or text-based polls to get feedback from employees or teams.


Designate people from around your organization to share stories of your culture and values in action.

Control publishing rights

You can create groups of people, each with specific rights to publish to News. For example, you could set up a group who could only publish to your London location.

Targeted content

Use our List Selector to target content to locations, teams, divisions, or combinations such as “Manufacturing in China”.

Sign off

Activate our sign off feature to get users to confirm they’ve read and understood an article. Admins can track the status of who has confirmed.

Social sharing

Want employees to amplify your corporate blog via their own Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts? Repost the content in NEWS and include social share buttons.

Likes, views, and comments

You can see how many people have viewed and liked an article. If you enable comments, people can share their support and ideas.

Video and media

Embed videos that are saved in your Jostle Library, or hosted in YouTube or Vimeo. You can also attach files and images.

Photo albums

Share photos from projects, company events, etc. Users can download pictures from an album.


Users can filter News content by type (Polls, Albums, Custom Article types, etc.) or by most recent, most viewed, most liked, or most commented on.


Everything in News can be discovered via search.


News triggers notifications that users can route to their email, browser, or phone. When new content is added, red dots appear to guide the user to it.

Must-see notifications

Content creators can push email notifications out at the time a News item is published.

Schedule in advance

News content can be prepared in advance and set to auto-publish at a specified time.

Copy link

Users can copy the link to any News item and share it via email. This link will only open for people that have permission to see that item.


Any type of file can be attached to a News item. Its contents will be indexed so it can be found via our platform-wide search.


If you wish to archive News items, you can do that at any time. The archive date can be set at the time of publishing.


A full set of metrics showing how users have engaged with each News item can be viewed. This data can also be downloaded for further analysis.

List Selector

Our powerful List Selector allows you to quickly dial up specific combinations of people to create an exact target audience.

Targeting selector

You can then reach that exact audience, in News, Events, Discussions, or Library. And it’s dynamic—when a new person is hired, they’ll automatically see everything they need.


Jostle notifications alert users to things they need to see without creating unnecessary noise:

  • Red dots, in platform, guide users to new content.
  • Email, browser, and mobile notifications that can be user optimized.
  • Mandatory notifications for must-read content.