A dynamic visual org chart. Teams provides interactive org charts that can represent hierarchical, matrixed, or flat structures, including projects, committees, and “communities of practice”. You can also import structures from HRIS or Active Directory.

Simple creation of online org charts

Our built-in, drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to build and maintain organization structures. Designate who can do this, org chart by org chart.

Navigate your organization

Users can “surf” their organization to explore who’s doing what. You can view the structure of a specific team or the extended org structures.

Connect fast to teams and people

Once you spot a team or person of interest, you can quickly start a discussion, send an email, give a shout-out, or view their profile.

Add-yourself teams

Create teams where employees can add (or remove) themselves to a team. Use this to manage groups like running clubs, charity volunteers, and more.

Matrix structures

Org chart structures support “dotted line” reporting. This makes complex matrix reporting structures clear.

Org units

Org units always includes everyone reporting up to a specific position in an org chart. Use these to designate departments and divisions.

Hierarchical org charts

Org charts can be hierarchical, where each employee has a role that reports up to a supervisor. Export this hierarchy to/from other systems.

Flat working groups

Org charts can be flat, collaborative teams.

Self managed teams

Create teams that are self managed and don’t have a designated leader.

Communities of practice

Create a hierarchy of areas of expertise or interests. Then either assign people to these areas, or allow them to simply add themselves.

Email lists

Each org unit gets an associated email address that can be used from any application. Emails to this address will always go to all the current members of the org unit.

Multiple roles

Individuals can hold multiple roles, in a single, or across multiple, org charts. This allows you to recognize and clarify the many contributions your employees make.


Within a team, define sub-teams to cluster people with related roles.

Down-hierarchy editing

Allow your organization to self structure by allowing everyone to add structure under their own position within a specific org chart.

Collaboration and mentorship

Add roles that help individuals or teams, such as consultants, collaborators, or mentors. These stand alongside a hierarchy rather than in it.

“Staff” positions

Add positions such as assistants, resources, or subject matter experts who help a team but aren’t mainstream members of it.

Organize teams

Set the order of individuals on a team.

People Picker

Use this convenient tool to search and filter for people as you build org charts. For example, you can find everyone who’s at a particular location.

List Selector

Our powerful List Selector allows you to quickly dial up specific combinations of people to create an exact target audience.

Targeting selector

You can then reach that exact audience, in News, Events, Discussions, or Library. And it’s dynamic—when a new person is hired, they’ll automatically see everything they need.


Jostle notifications alert users to things they need to see without creating unnecessary noise:

  • Red dots, in platform, guide users to new content.
  • Email, browser, and mobile notifications that can be user optimized.
  • Mandatory notifications for must-read content.