Jostle product Q&A

Support and getting started

Q: What’s involved in configuring the platform?

A: The Jostle® intranet is turnkey—it’s a complete and integrated platform that’s easy to configure, use, and keep fresh. No code. No templates. No widgets. Nothing to build, ever. We help you make it reflect the structure and feel of your organization.

Q: Is support included?

A: Yes. All subscriptions include full email support for your team of champions and administrators.

Q: What do I need to do to get up and running?

A: Onboarding is simple with our proven process included with your subscription. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be connected to a Technical Onboarding Manager who’ll guide you through onboarding, from kick-off to launch. Plan on a 4-week process to activate your Jostle intranet, populate it with your people, add content to NEWS and LIBRARY, and organize an effective launch. Once you’ve launched, our Customer Success and Support teams will always be there to help you along the way.

Q: What about engagement coaching?

A: It’s included, and our customers tell us it works. We’ll share best practices and benchmark data on how your community is performing.

Q: Which languages do you support?

A: English, Danish, French, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and German. Support and administrative functions are in English only.

Platform access, privacy, and security

Q: Is it cloud-based?

A: Yes. Our platform is securely accessible from any popular browser and most web-enabled devices. There’s no software to install.

Q: Which browsers do you support?

A: The two most recent releases of Internet Explorer/Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Q: Who can access my Jostle intranet?

A: The Jostle intranet is designed to support your internal workplace community. It’s secure, private, and you control who has access.

Q: Do you support Single Sign On (SSO)?

A: Yes. We support both Microsoft and Google environments, as well as most third-party SSO providers, including PingID, OKTA, LogMeIn, Centrify and OneLogin. There’s an additional charge for SSO implementation.

Q: Where are your data centers?

A: US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. You choose your data center.

Q: Is my data secure?

A: Yes. See our security information for further details.

Q: Who owns the data I place on your platform?

A: You do.

Q: Do you comply with the strict privacy requirements of BC and Nova Scotia?

A: Yes. Learn more.

Q: Do you comply with the strict privacy requirements of the European Union?

A: Yes. Learn more.

Q: Which mobile devices do you support?

A: Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are free with your Jostle intranet subscription. Learn more.

Q: Can I access the intranet from an iPad or tablet?

A: Yes via the browser of your choice. However, some administrative functions aren’t supported in this format.


Q: Which integrations are built in?

A: All the tools you need to import employee data from Active Directory and HRIS systems are built in. We’ll coach you through automated data syncing to/from your Jostle intranet. Custom integrations are available at a reasonable cost.

Q: What about integrations to Google Docs and Google Drive?

A: Deep integrations to Google’s world are included for those who want them. Visit our Google page for further details.

Q: How does the Jostle intranet work with my SharePoint implementation?

A: Some customers choose to use the Jostle intranet to replace SharePoint. Most choose to keep SharePoint as a document archive and integrate it into their intranet using links. Deeper integrations are available on a custom basis.

Q: Questions?

A: You can reach us via email at or via phone at +1-604-566-9520.