Understand who’s doing what

Clarify your organization. Understand how teams are organized and structured. Help people find the help they need. Uncover expertise.

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Put a face to a name

The ultimate employee directory. Allow people to share expertise, interests, and accomplishments. Make employee data searchable. Fields can be self managed or synced to your enterprise systems.

Tip: learn about syncing with Google for Work

“The people-centric aspect of it helps with the connectedness and sense of culture across our sites.”

Kenneth Walker

Kenneth Walker
Vice President of National Site Operations, Per Scholas

Navigate your organization

Replace hard-to-maintain organization charts. Capture all kinds of workplace structures including matrix reporting, self-managed teams, and communities of practice. Sync with your HRIS system.

Org navigation

“We can set up teams whenever we need to, and we can change those teams very quickly.”

Stephen Michael

Stephen Michael
Operations Director, The Diary Corporation

Why this matters

Organizational clarity can be hard to achieve. Understanding who does what and how people cluster together to get work done (teams, org units, employee types, locations, etc.) can help. Information should be work relevant and clutter free. It must be targeted and filtered by the people it matters to.


Find people and expertise

Find everything: teams, experts, documents, conversations, etc. Filter by org unit, employee type, location, etc. You can even find people via nicknames or rough phonetic spellings.

Tip: Jostle’s patented People Search technology is a powerful way to find anyone, anywhere in your org

Find people

Clarify employee groups

Identify employee types, recognize employee accomplishments with badges, or define project teams. Send relevant content to each group.

Tip: dynamic groups automatically update as teams evolve and new employees arrive

Clarify groups

Explore the platform

Build culture

Build culture

Bring your purpose, values, and character to life.

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Boost communication

Boost communication

Communicate and get work done across locations.

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Find information

Find information

Help your people find and share information.

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