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Why intranets fail

Most intranets fail. After some initial curiosity, employees simply stop using them. Here’s why...


Nothing new or current

The Problem

As you navigate around your intranet most of what you see you’ve seen before. And many items are out of date. Why waste your time sifting through stale content? And when you do find what you were looking for, how can you trust it’s current?

The Solution

Jostle applies two key strategies to solve this problem:

  1. enable subject matter experts to own their own content
  2. make that ownership clear

For example, your benefits coordinator should own the benefits Volume in Library--they are the person that understands what’s changed and where people are getting confused. Jostle makes it easy for these content owners to create rich content all on their own. No widgets, no code, no waiting for IT resources.


Too many page and links

The Problem

Most intranets use a page/widget structure. New pages get created for each new project and initiative. Or a new widget gets quietly inserted into an existing page. Information is dispersed across hundreds (or in many cases thousands) of generic pages. Community managers need to manually highlight what’s new on the home page, which invariably becomes cluttered with so many links and page snippets that people don’t know where to look.

The Solution

Jostle solves this by concentrating information into a small number of views, each designed for a specific purpose.

News, for example is fully optimized for keeping up on what’s new in your organization, while People makes it easy to understand who is doing what. These views provide go-to places that people check frequently. And when they do, they only see what’s relevant to them, since items are easy to target to a specific team, location, or division.


Hard to find what you need

The Problem

People are busy at work and they need to find relevant information fast. Whether you’re looking for the details of a new policy, or a person to help you, you need to find it quickly. If you’re forced to hunt and peck to find what you need, and cannot quickly spot what’s new, you’ll soon become frustrated and probably won’t return to your intranet anytime soon.

The Solution

Jostle uses these strategies to immediately deliver the information that you need:

Simple, purposeful views. Instead of dispersing and duplicating news items and events across various pages you always know where it will be. And you’ll be notified whenever there’s new content for you.

Universal search. Our simple search function finds everything.

Meaningful context. Be it a person or a file, information arrives with the full context of location, person, division, etc., so you can quickly understand its relevance.


The job of an intranet is not just to share files and announcements--it’s also key for connecting people and energizing your company’s culture. Our people-centric approach, combined with an architecture that keeps things relevant and easy to find, means that Jostle sustains user participation rates that are 5X industry norms.