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Helping employees enjoy success

Everyone wants to accomplish things at work. To feel the joy that comes from belonging to a vibrant culture and knowing that your contributions matter.

Yet lots of employees never get to experience that joy. Time and time again, frustrations and disconnects block them from being successful. That’s not something the Jostlers were prepared to put up with.

We’ve seen the joy that helping people feel successful brings. How it helps people want to stick around and contribute even more. So we created a platform that helps organizations make each and every employee successful.

“We’re here to break down the wall of frustration that blocks employees from being successful.”

Brad Palmer

Brad Palmer

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Jostle enables employee success by providing a single place for everyone to connect, communicate, and celebrate together. Anywhere, anytime, with ease.

Our employee success platform is the heartbeat of our own company, and we want the same for yours.

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Building a platform for success

Every senior leader at Jostle has experienced the challenges of helping employees succeed. Many times, hands on, across a wide variety of companies.

We’ve felt the frustrations of people blocked from making the contributions they want to make. And we’ve shared the joy of seeing what happens when you connect culture, remove obstacles, and align teams.

It’s those experiences that drive our passion to craft an employee success platform that makes achieving success a whole lot easier.

What we do here has never felt more important than it does right now. Learn more about how we do it.

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Jostle is an independent company located in Vancouver, Canada, owned by a collective of leaders. Meet the board

More than a piece of tech

Helping people everywhere feel more successful at work is a big goal!

To get there, we really need to understand the problems we’re trying to solve. Luckily we’re not doing this alone. There’s a growing community of leaders who care about their people on the journey with us.

We’re bringing that community together to think, learn, and share so we can meet this challenge together.

“We all need to feel success. As leaders, we must keep finding amazing ways to engage, enable, and celebrate people at work.”

Erin Wong

Erin Wong
VP Customer Operations

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Tap into our exploration of all things employee success, The Five Human Needs

Read more

Helping our users

If you are a Jostle user, you can visit our Support Forum to learn how to submit a support ticket, contact our Customer Success team, or upgrade your trial account.

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