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Too many organizations are disconnected. But connection isn’t as simple as weekly socials and a ping-pong table (don’t get us wrong, we love ping-pong). Workplace connection is built from the ground up by leaders and needs to happen everywhere, every day.

We know that being a leader is hard. So we want to make it easier.

Jostle gives leaders everything they need to connect their people, in one single place. The result? A team where everyone is in the loop, feeling they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

“We help leaders build connected organizations so that everyone at work can unite and grow together.”

Brad Palmer

Brad Palmer

Engaged employees at Jostle

Built by leaders, for leaders

Jostle board members

Jostle is an independent company located in Vancouver, Canada, owned by a collective of leaders. Meet the board

Our story starts the way most tech startups do, in a garage with a handful of passionate people. From there, things are quite different.

Our founder Brad Palmer and his leadership team aren't typical. They’ve been through leadership adventures like scaling culture, aligning teams, and rallying people to a common purpose many times. We know how powerful and incredible it feels when every employee is engaged and connected.

Right from our start in Brad’s garage, we’ve been crafting a different kind of intranet. One that can help leaders with some of their most demanding challenges.

So we’re here for leaders, and always will be.

Not just an intranet company

We want to make workplaces better. That’s a big goal!

To get there, we really need to understand the problems we’re trying to solve. That’s not something we can do on our own.

This is why we're also building a community of leaders who care about making workplaces better.

“Feeling connected is something we all need. As leaders, we must find out how to make and keep connections for people at work. Let’s do it, together.”

Bev Attfield

Bev Attfield
Principal of Workplace Science

There’s something for everyone! Want to join us?

We’re here for you

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