Jostle TV

JostleTV: Stream your intranet to a TV

Your employees need to stay connected, no matter where they are or what they do. That’s what the Jostle® intranet does. For those who don’t have desktop or mobile access to your intranet during working hours, there’s JostleTV. It keeps everyone informed and engaged, regardless of where they are: on the factory floor, gathered in a meeting room, or watching in the break room.

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See JostleTV in action.

How JostleTV works

JostleTV streams your intranet to any TV continuously, displaying the latest news and announcements as they occur. This includes news articles, photo albums, employee recognition, calendar events, birthday notifications, and more. It takes into consideration the location and permissions of the TV, providing the most appropriate and relevant content for your employees. This means viewers get the latest information from your intranet without any need to interact.

Where to use JostleTV

Break rooms: Keep all your employees, including remote branches and stores, connected to your company and brand

Factory floor: Engage your manufacturing staff with updates and information

Cafeteria: Generate dialogue between staff with news on the latest events

Meeting rooms: With a meeting room home screen, provide regular touchpoints to your culture

Open offices: Draw employees back to their desktop intranet by sharing cross-company news and developments

How JostleTV connects

Each JostleTV account can be quickly configured to the relevant location, team, and other attributes, so the TV only plays content that’s suitable and relevant for its viewers.

You can access your JostleTV account through your TV’s built in browser, by connecting a computer, or by connecting an Android device with the Jostle for Android TV app.

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