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The world needs employee success

That feeling of being connected to a thriving culture, doing work that matters. Anywhere, anytime, with ease.

The way work happens has shifted, dramatically. More than ever, people want to be enabled to work on their own terms, on things that matter to them, somewhere they belong. That’s what makes them feel successful.

Success boosts productivity and joy

This is what success looks like.


When you hear that, success has become part of your culture. A powerful sense of accomplishment and joy emerges across your company. Everyone smiles, wanting to stick around to contribute more!

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What blocks success? Stop sign

It’s not fun when you get blocked from making the contributions you want to make—a phenomenon we call hitting the wall of frustration.

You hit this wall whenever you run into confusion on what needs to be done, you can’t find the information you need, or you’re not sure who to ask for help. Roadblocks like these cause people to actively disengage.

Engagement trap and wall of frustration

For years companies have focused on employee engagement (getting people to want to contribute). But that has not got us far—people are more dissatisfied than ever. We call this the engagement trap.

Actually feeling successful takes more than just engagement. You need to actually contribute, frustration free. It’s this engage-enable-celebrate cycle that drives the “flywheel of success”.

“Focusing on engagement alone is like having an engine in your car, but no wheels or gas—you must enable people to make the contributions they want to make.”

Brad Palmer

Brad Palmer
Founder at Jostle Corporation

Jostle’s employee success framework

So what does it take to feel successful? It starts with believing in what you're doing. But you also need to be able to contribute without frustrations, headaches, and roadblocks. The icing on the cake? Knowing your efforts matter.

Engagement + Enablement + Celebration = Success

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The platform for success

In remote and hybrid workplaces, digital platforms aren’t just another place for connection and communication. They’re now the primary way most employees experience their work and culture.

Jostle’s an employee success platform. We’ve pushed our technology beyond being ‘a modern intranet’ to intentionally drive engagement, enablement, and celebration across your business.

How it works

What’s happening in the world of employee success?

When it comes to the cutting edge of employee success, we have our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse. Explore Jostle’s blog and podcast for the latest on what we’re learning and sharing.

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