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Get work done

Your employee success platform should be more than a place to store information and plan events. It should also help your people get work done. Jostle makes collaboration seamless and straightforward.

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Collaboration is all about bringing people together from different departments, locations, and teams, then focusing their efforts on a common goal.

But it can’t happen unless everyone’s on the same page, technologically and otherwise. People need a central place where they can communicate and coordinate without roadblocks—a place where teamwork happens.

The Jostle platform is your go-to place to get work done.


Escape email

Cut down on email and meetings with private, group, and org discussions.

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Discover expertise

Quickly find people and create groups with specialized expertise.


Update teams

Keep track of who’s working on specific projects at any given time.

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Collaborate on files using popular apps like Google Workspace and Office 365.

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Assign tasks

Create to-do lists, assign to collaborators, and track progress.

Collaborate on documents

Co-editing documents and presentations has become an important part of getting work done together.

From within the platform you can start a new Google Drive or OneDrive file at the click of a button. Access is tied to the membership of your team, so if a person joins your team they automatically get access.

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Create and clarify project teams

Teams are always forming and reforming around specific projects, which makes it difficult to pin down who’s working on what.

Teams view makes it easy for project managers to share and quickly update team memberships, which automatically updates file-sharing permissions and team-specific content targeting. That way, every team member stays informed.

Manage tasks

To get work done, teams need to clarify tasks and understand who they’re assigned to.

Staying organized is easy with Tasks. You can create a to-do list, assign or add task collaborators, and add comments and attachments as progress is made.

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Jostle makes coming together as a team easier than ever.

“Jostle helped us manage change in a complex project while we worked remotely. In the end, the overwhelming feedback from staff was that everyone felt engaged, knew what was going on, and why we were doing it.”

Toby Woodhead

Toby Woodhead
Head of Technology

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