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Find info & get help

Enabled employees have quick access to information and help. This includes finding things like:

  • Relevant guidelines and policies
  • Who can help you, by skill or role
  • What’s going on with projects and teams

Eliminate frustration and confusion. Jostle makes it easy to provide every employee with the clarity and information they need, when they need it.

Why this matters

Information and knowledge naturally gets siloed away in different departments and locations. Jostle solves this by making cross-org discovery and sharing a priority. It helps everyone find the clarity, information, and help they need.

When people don’t know who to contact or where important information is located, they get frustrated. That blocks employees from being successful.

Remove roadblocks

Employees actively disengage when they run into confusion or cannot find what they need. Jostle solves this by making it easy to:

  • Organize files and videos
  • Clarify who is doing what
  • Share goals, progress, and accomplishments

Stop dumping information into file shares and intranets, which always end up a mess of dispersed and outdated content. Jostle helps employees quickly gather the context and information they need to get their work done.

Library—Go-to place for key information

File shares quickly become cluttered and disorganized. You search “budget” and find 5 “budget final” results. Not with Jostle.

Our Library view provides the hub to quickly find the “official” copy of policies, training videos, design manuals, sales materials, forms, and more.

Library organizes content, so it is easy to find. Each section can be targeted, for example, to everyone currently working with a particular project or department.

“Jostle has become the one-stop shop for all guides, documents, and information our employees need to get their job done. It has been incredible to see employees help each other out and make meaningful connections.”

Ashley Stinson

Ashley Stinson
Training and Development Specialist at Consumers Credit Union

Teams—Navigate your organization

Teams view provides org charts for any kind of organizational structure—hierarchical, matrixed, or flat. And you can easily target content to the teams, committees, and divisions you define here.

This helps people understand who’s doing what. Often when you need help or are trying to clarify something, you are looking for a person, not a document.

Map and markers

People—A visual employee directory

People view provides a powerful employee directory. Find the salesperson in London who’s name you cannot remember. Search who has expertise on Salesforce. Check out a new colleague's profile, so you can better connect with them.

Search everything

Our universal search finds what you’re looking for in documents, people, news, events, and more. It searches the whole platform, including within documents. And it finds people by their role or a rough spelling of their name.

Unlike file shares and enterprise search solutions, Jostle’s universal search is not overwhelming because:

  • Jostle is an organized, curated place that is not a clutter of outdated information or work-in-progress documents
  • Search only finds what is targeted to you
  • Results arrive with useful context, including the item owner and what category it belongs to

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Work together in a focused place

Integrate with Google or Microsoft

Jostle integrates with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, in a way that keeps view permissions in sync on both sides. This makes finding and collaborating on documents a whole lot easier.

Jostle search finds content inside of Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 files. That means key collaborative documents are also easier to find in Jostle.


Work collaboratively

Jostle makes it easy to stay connected and help each other across time zones and locations, making hybrid work easier:

  • Use Discussions to stay in touch with a project team or your department. Use Direct Messages to ping a colleague.
  • Tasks provides another way to work collaboratively. Each task includes the ability to chat with collaborators and share files.
Jostle News view

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