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Case studies from a few of our customers

“Jostle helps us connect, celebrate our unique stories, and bring our own culture to the mix.”

Nathalie Viranyi
Head of Communications


creates community and belonging across continents

Employees: 3,000
Industry: Hospitality

“Jostle is the hub where Emperor’s employees connect, engage and communicate. It’s a space where our unique culture and the personality of our people can shine through.”

Sarah Eklund
Marketing Manager


loves Jostle so much—they’re selling it too!

Employees: 255
Industry: Professional Services
Participation: 92% monthly

“The Jostle platform has enabled us to improve our communication at a management and social level, and has helped create a culture of open communication in the firm.”

Edward O'Rourke

Ashtons Legal

improves team communication between offices

Employees: 350
Industry: Legal
Participation: 97% monthly

“Before Jostle, most employees at our organization didn’t even have emails. Important news just got posted to our bulletin board, and we’d cross our fingers hoping that someone would read it.”

Grant Stevens
VP Corporate Services

KF Aerospace

connects all employees with JostleTV

Employees: 1,100
Industry: Transportation / Aeronautics
Engagement: 83% monthly

“We not only have buy-in, we have an absolute obsession with Jostle from our staff.”

Adam Cohn
Director of Marketing and Business Development

Kilburn & Strode

are absolutely obsessed with Jostle

Employees: 200
Industry: Professional Services
Engagement: 97% monthly

“Thanks to Jostle, associates are now receiving the same information and updates efficiently and simultaneously. We all said goodbye to the ‘Telephone’ game.”

Sara Uhlenbrock
Learning and Development Specialist

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions

From an inflexible intranet to clear communication

Employees: 221
Industry: Professional Services
Engagement: 93% monthly

“The Jostle platform centralizes all our information into a single place and makes it easy to consume.”

Toby Woodhead
Solution Architect

Armstrong Watson

accountancy firm averts communication challenges

Employees: 410
Industry: Professional Services
Engagement: 95% monthly

“We now have a place where everyone can reliably access information.”

Chellie Phillips
VP of Communications and PR

Coweta-Fayette EMC

breaks down information silos

Employees: 220
Industry: Energy & Power
Engagement: 85% monthly

“We have multiple locations so we needed a tool such as the Jostle platform to keep us united.”

Stephanie Windsor
HR & Communications Specialist


launches Jostle for lasting success

Employees: 300
Inudstry: Environmental Restoration Services

“Padre Dam is recognized as a leader in the water industry. The Jostle platform is a key component to maintaining and exceeding that level of performance.”

Allen Carlisle
CEO/General Manager

Padre Dam

Padre Dam achieve open and honest dialogue with staff

Employees: 139
Sector: Public Agency

“Previously there was no way to provide staff with multiple photos and videos…Email isn’t a suitable medium for this kind of sharing.”

Elva Kennedy
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Silvacom Group

powers corporate social responsibility communication

Employees: 90
Industry: Resource management / Professional services
Engagement: 91% monthly

“We’ve created a data drinking fountain…If you want information—if you’re thirsty—you can go get it yourself.”

Frank Rizzo
Director of Instructional & Information Technology

Alden School District

communicates with clarity and efficiency across schools

Employees: 260 across four locations
Sector: Education
Engagement: 88% monthly

“Jostle has been an excellent addition to our company culture: we’ve been able to increase (and improve!) our company-wide communications...”

Alayna Buckner

Elevate LLC

Elevate’s keeps employees in the know

Employees: 50
Industry: Professional services
Participation: 98% monthly

“The Jostle platform has enabled us to dramatically impact our culture.”

Brent Medders
Founder and CEO, M&G

M&G Pizza Enterprises

Domino’s Pizza franchise is reducing business costs and employee turnover

Employees: 650
Sector: Retail
Engagement: 94% monthly

“The Jostle platform is having a tangible positive influence.”

Barbara Hughes
Vice President, Corporate Services

Century Group

strengthens internal communication for a deeper company culture

Employees: 400
Industry: Real Estate

“The Jostle platform is absolutely the most visited site in our organization. Not even Google can compete.”

Anne Lightowler
Head of HR

Woodland Trust

vibrant internal communication takes root

Employees: 450
Industry: Nonprofit
Participation: 94% monthly

“The Jostle platform is fundamental to upholding our values, our culture, and overall approach.”

Gill Buchanan
Founding Director


workplace culture with the help of Jostle

Employees: 80
Industry: Professional Services
Participation: 97% monthly

“What we love seeing the most is that people are using it as a way to bring more positivity into the day.”

Allison M.C. Maertens
Marketing Director

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

a credit union that’s always right by employees and customers

Employees: 260
Industry: Banking
Participation: 94% monthly

“The Jostle platform provides the energy & alignment that is key to driving our rapid growth.”

Nick Tolley
CEO & Founder


creating connections and fueling culture

Employees: 320
Industry: Hospitality
Participation: 79% monthly

“The Jostle platform clarifies our overall organization and helps us with internal communication.”

Patti Bridal
Director, Corporate Services

City of Vernon

A new way to connect and engage

Employees: 370
Industry: Government
Engagement: 79% monthly