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Building culture

Jostle brings your organization’s purpose, values, and character to life.

The Jostle platform is the place for everyone to connect and participate in your company’s unique culture. Employees can recognize contributions, celebrate successes, and give props for good work.

Share your purpose and values

A list of company values is just a bunch of nice sounding buzzwords. Employees want to see those values in action.

Jostle helps all employees become active participants in your culture by giving them the tools they need to shape it, allowing everyone to align around a shared sense of purpose.

“Emperor’s culture is reflective of our founders: accessible, collaborative, and inclusive. Jostle enables our culture to come to life through offering better levels of engagement and connectivity.”

Tracey Anderton

Tracey Anderton
Head of People & Culture at Emperor

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A platform where your culture thrives

The working world has changed and employees are more distributed than ever. Now, it’s even more important to have a strong culture that everyone can experience—no matter where they work.

Jostle’s platform is the place to build your workplace culture.

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Align everyone

Jostle makes it easy to keep everyone aligned to your org’s vision and mission. Everyone will have a solid understanding of where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and why it’s important.

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Make celebration contagious

Jostle makes it easy to recognize the contributions of individuals and teams and tie that to your core values. Make celebration a daily occurrence and watch employees get even more engaged and motivated at work.

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Enable your champions

Make it easy for your culture champions to cultivate excitement in your workplace and get people energized to contribute.

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Experience culture anywhere

Help everyone stay connected, no matter where they are. Whether they’re in the field, at home, or in office, everyone will experience your vibrant culture.

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Make celebration and success an everyday event

When recognition turns into a celebration, everyone in your organization shares the feeling of success. Jostle makes it simple to celebrate together.

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Shout-out a job well-done

Shout-outs are an easy way for people to recognize each other’s good work and demonstrate how they’re living your organizational values.

Celebrate an individual or team for their accomplishments.

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Recognize your people

Make it easy to participate in your workplace’s culture. Celebrate a team’s hard work with Jostle’s News feature.

Sharing successes across your org is a powerful way to keep people connected and motivated.

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Coordinate & promote events

Planning and promoting events on our platform is an excellent way to bring your people closer together. Events can be company-wide or tied to specific teams or locations.

Use events whether it’s hosted virtually or in-person.

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Celebrate in real-time

Activity is the pulse of your organization. It’s used for short, quick updates to call out wins, welcome new employees, and provide updates on company projects.

Birthday and anniversary announcements are automatically posted, too.

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