Meet a few Jostlers

Here are a few Jostlers that you might connect with. Our team includes more than 70 people in development, customer success, operations, sales, design, and marketing.

Meet our board

  • Leadership

    • Brad Palmer

      CEO & Co-founder

      30+ years creating teams that bring game-changing technologies to market success. Sailor.

  • Marketing

    • Rebecca Visser

      Head of Growth Marketing

      Dedicated to driving meaningful business results. Painter in training and podcast enthusiast.

    • Sabrina Roach

      Head of Customer Marketing

      Delights in helping people and growing businesses. Crazy craft lady and sommelier in self-training.

    • Simon Saldajeno

      Product Marketing Lead

      Committed to creating great product experiences for customers. Jazz drummer and avid gamer.

    • Gabe Scorgie

      Content Marketing Lead

      Driven to help people solve their business problems. Fitness junkie and hammock lover.

    • Faye Wai

      Brand Marketing Lead

      Passionate about sharing stories and improving workplace wellbeing. Experience chaser and aspiring tiny-house owner.

  • Business Development & Sales

    • Don Wadsworth

      VP Business Development & Strategic Alliances

      25+ years matching customer needs to innovative products. Hockey dad.

    • Kasandra Abraham

      Sales Administrator

      10 years helping sales teams achieve their best. Soccer/baseball junkie.

    • Luke Storey

      SaaS Sales Executive

      Helping customers solve their problems with innovative solutions. Travel photographer and blogger.

    • Harun Said

      SaaS Sales Executive

      Striving to help organizations around the world come together with Jostle! A full-time sports fanatic and a part-time artist!

  • Support

    • Andreina De Sousa

      Technical Support Team Lead

      9+ years working in IT. Happy to help companies reach their goals. Family first, then chocolate.

    • Divya Krishnan

      Technical Support Specialist

      Passionate about problem-solving and helping teams be successful. Love hiking with friends and family.

    • Vince Forrington

      CX Content Specialist

      10+ years of writing support and product documentation; a lifetime steeped in pop culture trivia.

  • Customer Success

    • Erin Wong

      VP, Customer Operations

      People-centric leader passionate about successful outcomes for customers and teams. Puzzler and foodie.

    • Stacey Silva

      Customer Success Team Lead

      10+ years helping customers strategize and reach their goals. Coffee addict and powerlifting champion.

    • Vivian He

      Customer Success Manager

      Committed to enhancing the customer experience through intentional engagement and personalized support. Frenchie fanatic.

    • Ana Fendikevych

      Customer Success Representative

      Focused on developing strong customer relationships and success strategies. Chocolate connaisseur.

    • Alex McGillis

      Customer Success Representative

      Passionate about creating customer success and supporting account growth. Outdoor enthusiast.

  • Finance

    • David O’Brien

      Chief Financial Officer

      25+ years of running complex businesses and getting things done. Cyclist, but only if beer is involved.

    • Yueyue Wang

      Customer Operations Administrator

      Connecting customer service and operations to help them run efficiently. Polyglot in progress.

    • Simon Golden


      Financial performance orientated and results-driven. Problem solver and and sports junkie.

  • Technology

    • Bruce Milton

      VP of Development

      25+ years growing high functioning multi-disciplinary product development teams. Explorer.

    • Aaryaman Girish

      System Architect

      Invigorated by problem-solving and building scalable software. Caffeinated cat whisperer.

    • Richard Stride

      Director of DevOps

      20+ years of making technology work for me. Cyclist and gamer.

    • David Lighty

      Senior Backend Developer

      Technologist aiming to break down barriers and create positive connections that bring people and teams together. Avid foodie and gamer.

    • Monika Choudhary

      Senior Backend Developer

      13+ years of experience in making software that brings homo-sapiens and technology together. Biker, chef, and gems enthusiast.