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Replacing intranets

Intranets consistently end up stale, confusing places that make most employees go “ugh”. They often frustrate people to the point they refuse to use them.

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“90% of intranets fail!”

Simpplr Research, 2020

Intranets have always struggled. And with today’s world of work, where change is happening faster, work is often remote and hybrid, and new information arrives faster than ever—intranets are simply overwhelmed.

Jostle’s taken a different approach

We’ve taken a close look at why intranets keep failing. That’s helped us craft a different way to keep employees connected and informed. A way that’s, well, more successful.

“Prior to Jostle, we had a SharePoint intranet. It was full of things that were not relevant. Not updated. Not current. It was very difficult for people to find what they wanted.”

Ian Teague

Ian Teague
Head of IT at The Woodland Trust

Everything together in one simple place

Jostle’s employee success platform is designed from the ground up to help everyone plug into their organization and quickly find what they need. Instead of being a place to “put stuff”, Jostle’s platform is purpose designed to make things easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to keep fresh.

Jostle’s desktop, mobile, and JostleTV apps all deliver the same simplicity and user experience, so everyone can stay connected, anywhere, anytime.

See our different approach.

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Red burst Six ways intranets cause frustration

Rather than enabling employees, intranets just end up adding to the wall of frustration that blocks employees. Here's why...


1. Intranets are just websites in disguise

Intranets are internal websites. That seems a sensible approach, until you realize that intranets are just page-building tools. You cannot create a great employee experience out of generic pages.

And like any website, intranets tend to be static places. Your company evolves every day, and your intranet needs to keep up.

2. It’s hard to find things on pages

When new things are added to an intranet, they need to go on a new or existing page. Soon more and more (and more) pages arrive and your intranet’s a sprawling mess that no one can navigate.

With information dispersed across many pages, finding things turns into a frustrating and time-wasting hunt.

3. Page proliferation is relentless

On intranets, every department must create a new page for every initiative. Even small companies quickly end up with 100+ pages for users to sift through.

4. Intranets create a ton of noise

With an intranet, every time you publish something new you need to promote it on the homepage and spam people in email. Otherwise, people are never going to visit that page.

5. Intranets end up reinforcing silos

Paradoxically, intranets end up reinforcing the very silos they were intended to bridge. Each department ends up creating its own intranet subsites. Sites that others aren’t going to proactively visit.

6. Intranets suck when you’re on the go

You can’t navigate a sprawling website with complex navigation on your phone. Finding the right person to ask, or the current copy of a policy, becomes an exercise in frustration when you're away from your desk. Why bother?

Learn more about all 10 ways intranets clutter and break.

The life cycle of intranets

Time and time again, intranets start as a dream and end in frustration. Here’s how:

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Starts out well

You take months to plan and build the perfect intranet and all seems well.

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Time passes

But new content arrives daily, the world changes, and your business evolves.

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It breaks

Soon you have hundreds of stale pages, complex menus, and a confusing mix of old and new.


No one goes there

Your intranet has become the source of employee frustration instead of the solution.

See how Jostle’s solved all this.

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“Jostle is the hub where Emperor’s employees connect, engage and communicate. It’s a space where our unique culture and the personality of our people can shine through.”

Sarah Eklund

Sarah Eklund
Marketing Manager at Emperor

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Moving from frustration to success

Our approach is different. Jostle’s success platform isn’t a page-building tool. It’s a platform designed from the ground up to deliver employee success. Jostle’s approach is transformative:

Intranets add frustration:

  • Reinforce silos.
  • End up cluttered and disorganized.
  • Add to workplace noise and overwhelm.
  • No focus on recognition.
  • Get frustrating to browse and search.
  • Only works well at desks.
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Jostle powers success:

  • Brings everyone together in a single place.
  • Keeps things clear, organized, and tidy.
  • Reduces noise and helps people focus.
  • Makes recognition & celebration easy.
  • Gets people to what they need fast.
  • Works on your phone and in your lunchroom.
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Jostle designed its platform from the ground up to focus on what people need to feel successful at work.

The impact? Happier employees who want to stick around and contribute even more.

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