Simple, transparent platform governance.

Available in our Governance Package powerup:

Maintain oversight on all Discussions

Turning on our Mandatory Moderator function adds an ombudsperson into every new Discussion. This is transparent to users—they see the arrival of this person into the chat. The Mandatory Moderator can choose to leave a Discussion (for example, to enable a private executive chat). By turning on email notifications for this account, you can create an email log of all Discussion Comments, which can be searched by third-party discovery tools.

Controlling who can start large Discussions

Limit the number of people who can be added into a Discussion. This helps prevent unwanted Discussions with large audiences that might cause noise across your organization. Designate specific people who are able to bypass these limits and moderate Discussions for larger groups.

Limit who can create Discussions and Direct Messages (1:1 chats)

Create a list of users who are able to create Discussions. This effectively blocks the use of Direct Messages and casual chat across your organization.

Block attachments in Discussions

When activated, this feature will block all users from attaching files into any Discussion or Direct Message. This is useful when you need very tight control over information sharing.

Restrict access to a particular country

Enable this feature if you need to restrict which countries users can physically be in when they access your platform from their laptop or phone. (This feature allows you to be compliant with the FOIPPA requirements of the provinces of BC and Nova Scotia.)

Also included in other Jostle platform components:

Data domicile

Jostle operates its service from data centers located in 4 regions (Australia, Canada, the US, and Europe). All your data is stored only in the region you choose for your data center.


This is a feature included with News that enables sign-off on any item published to News, including tracking who has completed the sign-off.

Control who can post to the Activity feed

Activity is the feed on the left side of News. Normally all employees can post there—it's a place to capture what’s going on right now and provide overall connectivity across your organization. However, larger organizations often prefer to restrict who can post updates there. This list is managed by our full List Selector, so you can tie this permission to the dynamic membership of a team, location, etc.

Restrict who can see what

Platform-wide, Jostle makes it easy to control who sees what information. The primary goal here is to keep things relevant for each user, but this can also be used, for example, to have a Library Volume only visible to your senior leadership team.

Turn off certain views

System Admins can turn off (hide) any view, except People, for all users.