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Boosting communication

Internal communication is not easy, especially when staff are working remote or spread across locations. For communication to work across your org, you need to:

  • Stop dispersing comms across multiple tools
  • Help teams connect and bridge silos
  • Be inclusive, making sure all voices are heard
  • Make it easy to spot what matters, clutter free
  • Enable collaboration and informal interactions

Jostle helps you achieve all this.

A central hub for communication

Jostle is an easy-to-implement communications hub. No more communications duplicated and fragmented across multiple channels. No more frustrating reply-all email strings with coworkers.

We provide an organized set of purposeful tools that let you push out news, recognize contributions, chat with colleagues, promote events, poll employees, roll out initiatives, surface key policies, share video training courses, and work collaboratively on tasks.

“The number one challenge Jostle solved since we launched in 2016 and continues to solve, is organizational-wide communication. As a result, Jostle has helped us literally and mentally evolve as a national organization.”

Kenneth Walker

Kenneth Walker
Senior VP Core Mission Support at Per Scholas

Bring everyone together

Jostle is where everyone comes together to understand what’s happening and share what matters. A place that’s easy to use, anywhere, anytime.


Bridge org silos

Help teams escape their silos. Bring everyone together, so that plans and progress are shared and understood.

Jostle enables open and efficient communication.

Arrows and people

Include everyone

Those in the field can participate on their phone. People in the break room or factory can stay plugged in with JostleTV.

Jostle connects everyone across your organization.

Fast moving letter

Eliminate internal emails

Email sucks. Spammy reply-all threads that are fragmented and confused. And who knows who read what?

Stop using email to communicate with employees. Move everything into Jostle.

Location marker

Easy-to-maintain targeting

Tie content and chats to the dynamic membership of a team, location, or department.

When a new person joins, they automatically get access to everything they need.

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Get your stuff read

Employees visit Jostle often—it's where communication happens. Since everything is organized and relevant, your content gets read quickly without you needing to promote it.

Looking eyeballs

Track who reads what

Understand who is viewing what, by location or department, with Jostle's helpful dashboards and detailed metrics. Measure the effectiveness of your internal communications strategies.


Highlight critical items

Feature important items in a banner, which will also get it into the weekly newsletter. Or, when it's really important, send an email notification to ensure it gets read.

Fast moving mail

Engaging newsletters

AI generates weekly newsletters tailored for each person. Employees stuck in email get highlights of what they missed and what's most relevant to them. Stop manually creating generic newsletters.

Sign off

Enable policy sign off

Need to get people to sign off on a new policy? Our integrated tasks ensure timely sign-offs. Audit compliance is made easy with reports of who's signed off what and when.

Keep things relevant & organized

Jostle makes it easy to target and organize content. That way, employees only see what is relevant to them and can easily find things when they need them.

Targeting group

Precise content targeting

Dynamic targeting makes content relevant for each individual and makes things easy to maintain. If there’s going to be a fire drill this afternoon, only people at that location need to know about it.

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Stop spamming employees

Intranets need aggressive content promotion for anything to get read. Our employee success platform fixes this. With Jostle, your content will get read, without the need to annoy people with emails and notices. Learn more.


Clarify content ownership

Clear authorship and content ownership provide useful context and, more importantly, help ensure proper curation. We build in the tools that make all this easy.


Organize everything

Easy-to-set-up categories and filters make it a breeze to browse to exactly what you need. Or use our powerful, universal search.

“With over 30 different programs and services, it’s easy to feel siloed. Jostle helps employees ‘stay in the know’ without feeling overwhelmed, so they’re able to connect to our singular mission.”

Meghan Copenhaver

Meghan Copenhaver
Communications Specialist at People Incorporated of Virginia

Woman with her two kids

Easy to set up and govern

Jostle’s platform is easy to set up and govern to match your brand and needs. Launch in days.

Show off your brand and people

With Jostle, your people and brand shine through. It’s easy to feature your logo and brand colors. Add your organization structure and brand values, so your new platform feels like “you” right out of the gate.

Govern what happens in chat channels

Chats are always private within your company and can be set up to meet industry-specific governance requirements. Enable notifications to stay connected when working with customers in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Enable diverse voices to deliver engaging news

What’s more engaging than reports from employees in the field, working with a customer, or closing a sale? It’s easy to designate “reporters” and set the audiences they publish to. Give your “culture champions” a voice.

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