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Coweta-Fayette EMC energy provider uses intranet to break down information silos

Electric provider Coweta-Fayette EMC discovered that many employees felt information wasn’t flowing through their organization. They believed it was being unfairly hoarded, or simply not making its way to all employees. Coweta-Fayette picked the Jostle® intranet to improve clarity and transparency.

“Our intranet—called The Grid—is a game changer for us. We’re connecting employees in corporate headquarters, district offices, and in the field. It’s been a steady climb and we’re excited to see it progressing so quickly.”

Chellie Phillips

Chellie Phillips
VP of Communications and PR


Based on cross-department conversations, it became apparent that employees felt information wasn't funneling throughout the cooperative from department to department. There was a feeling that some supervisors hoarded information and only shared with certain employees. There was also a divide identified between personnel who worked in the corporate headquarters and district offices as well as those who were in the field most of the day.


The CEO and VP-level leadership team made a commitment to change the perception that information wasn’t being shared, or that only limited people had access to what was happening in the organization.

A committee was formed to evaluate tools that would allow better communication between all departments and office locations. The committee found and recommended the Jostle platform.

“We rolled out our intranet during a lunch and learn event. The day featured a look into the future of the electric industry, as well as our internal communication,” shared Chellie.

“We gave a live demo on the big screen showing a desktop experience and created wallet cards with information on how to use and download the mobile app.”

“Everyone bought into our new intranet and have been championing it since the beginning.”

Chellie Phillips

Chellie Phillips
VP of Communications and PR

News wall

Coweta-Fayette’s people openly share news on The Grid.


Coweta-Fayette launched their Jostle intranet, The Grid, to be a source of information for all 208 employees. Employees use it to send birthday wishes, celebrate service anniversaries, and send shout-outs to recognize co-workers for special accomplishments.

The Grid features a News area where the Communications and HR teams post regular updates on local, statewide, and national news; policy changes; meeting updates; promotions; job postings; and other fun activities.

Coweta-Fayette achieved impressive employee adoption for The Grid and transparent information has steadily increased. Chellie said:

“We now have a place where everyone can reliably access information, and they don't have to rely on someone else to get it for them. Participation has climbed steadily, and we hope to continue to grow participation through our communication activities.”

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