Intranet ROI? Turnkey is best.

The ROI for a 500-employee company is about $7M.

IT Resources

Finally got your in-house intranet built? Now you need to keep it patched, upgraded for browser changes, secure and running 24/7. That takes 3 full-time IT experts at $100k each.1

A turnkey, cloud-based, intranet uses zero IT support staff or salary.

IT Resources
$900k IT costs saved over 3 years

Software & Hardware

If you’re building your own on-site intranet, first you need to purchase a server farm and get it operating and secured. Then you need to purchase and install the required software. Setting this up for SharePoint will cost you about $150k plus another $11k per year in maintenance fees.1

A cloud-based intranet frees you from licenses and maintenance fees.

Software and Hardware
$183k Software & hardware costs saved

Employee Engagement

Measurement of 193 companies3 shows that those with top-quartile employee engagement operate better and enjoy 22% higher profits.

Employee Engagement

A great intranet plays a key role in improving employee engagement. Improved communications is strongly tied to improved engagement.5

Employee Engagement
$3.3M Impact of 3 years of improved employee engagement

Development Cost

You need usability, information architecture, web & mobile developers to develop your own custom intranet. That requires 3-6 staff of consultants at ~$100k each.6

A turnkey intranet requires no development and is up to date forever.

Development Cost
$450k Development cost saved over 3 years

Development Time

Developing your own custom intranet from a toolkit like SharePoint takes a lot of time. The average development time is 17 months.6

A well-designed, turnkey intranet can be rolled out in less than 1 month.

Development Time
2.2M Impact of an extra 2 years of higher profits
$7M Overall 3-year ROI for $50M revenue company4


  1. SharePoint costs: — where we assume that the server cost for a 500-person company is 50% higher than that for a 100-person company.
  4. The calculations assume a 500 person company with $50M in revenue and 10% profits.

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