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Library: Where all your important files live

All your files in a single, authoritative place

Library is an organized place to share policies and other key files, getting them out of the mess and confusion of file shares. This enables your people to immediately find the correct version of the file they’re looking for, like for instance the most up-to-date version of a budget spreadsheet.

Clear content ownership

Enable subject matter experts to manage, maintain, and share their own Library Volumes. That way, everyone knows who controls a given document or slide deck.

Find files fast with intuitive categorization

Library makes it easy to find the file, policy, or document you’re looking for. You can organize files into categories or use the universal search.

Collaborate on Google and Microsoft files

Sync your Library to your own Google Drive or OneDrive, so that you can collaborate on documents live in your platform using Google Workplace or Microsoft 365. Jostle keeps the permissions in sync and locked down.

“Everyone’s been enjoying how easy it is to find what they’re looking for. Updating, sharing, and adding documents to Jostle’s Library is an easy process.”

Leigh Scaggs, Boyd County Public Library