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Teams: Your dynamic org chart

Clarify who does what

Teams is where you’d go to figure out who reports to whom, who does what, and see how your organization is structured.

Simplify complex org structures

Teams supports all types of org structures. Dotted line reports are also fully supported, making it easy to understand “matrix” reporting.

Make your project teams clear

Project managers can create and manage cross-disciplinary project teams by simply drag-and-dropping new members onto a team. Targeting takes care of the rest.

Create a “social” team for clubs

Your social committee, softball team, or volunteer group is a team, too. You can now share information and create visibility for these teams. Or, you can easily add yourself to a particular team.

Share org chart information from other systems

It’s easy to sync org charts from other systems so they’re clearly visualized and easy for everyone to reference.

“Organizing all of our employees into organizational units with pictures has been very helpful for both newer employees and answering the question, ‘Who’s that?’”

Leigh Scaggs, Boyd County Public Library